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Come and learn how to brew your own beer ! 

With a large choice of organic malts, hops and spices, realize your own recipe thanks to our passion and expertise.

Sharpen your skills and senses while tasting our products. Then choose the hops you want to add to your recipe !

You can also offer a workshop session. You'll just have to follow the instructions through our booking website via the link below. You will receive a gift voucher to give to the lucky recipient, all the details will be explained.

Each session will provide between 15 and 18 L of brew with customed labels included.

The workshop session is € 145, for one or two people.

Our workshop sessions are on Saturday mornings from 8:45 am to 1:00 pm, have a look at the calendar through the links below.

Workshop brew beer jean brasse craft organic brewery

Come and enjoy your beer-making session in our workshops !

Go back home with your special brew after learning everything about the world of beer and its secret rules.


Our workshops

You have received a gift voucher ?

Book your workshop session in just a few clics !

  1. Clic on the  "I have a gift voucher" button

  2. Choose a session on the calendar

  3. Clic on "bon cadeau"

  4. Enter your details

  5. Let's go !

You have received a gift voucher


We offer private workshops in groups for celebrations, seminars and other occasions

The brewery will be privatized for you and your company

We would be delighted to help you if you have any questions ! 

(A workshop session can be reported in case there are less than 4 participants)

Entreprises Groupes
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